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Best Gardening Sites:

Gardening and landscaping have become very popular and inexpensive hobbies. There is a wealth of information on the Internet to help you design your dream garden or how about a butterfly garden? Hi, I am Debbie McWilliams and I work on my search engine. Hope you like it!

Focus OrganicMy name is Stefanie, and I started Focus I am currently trying to live a more green life myself, and I hope to share what I learn with the visitors of this site, and to also learn from the visitors. In learning to be more eco-friendly, we can better ourselves, our lives, and the planet.

How to do Container Gardening – Tips for Beginners
Mini Garden teaches us all we need to know about container gardening, like growing a salad garden on your deck. They also believe in hydroponics and attracting ladybugs to your garden.

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Thanks for sharing these links. These are very helpful. I hope in your next post, you'll also include garden ideas and decorations sites that gives tips on cool garden decors like wind chimes and hanging balls.


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