Culinary Herb Garden
Start a garden in your own kitchen. The Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen or windowsill with a neat little 12" x 12" x 5" greenhouse. This herb greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast herb propagation and growth. In just a few weeks you will have herb plants.

Herb Seeds - best seed your ever need
Open-pollinated, Organic herb seeds will help you grow beautiful borders, plots and pots of flavorful culinary and healing medicinal herbs. Unique variety of favorite standards such as Lime, Thai and Persian Anise Basil, Dotted Mint, and Mexican Tarragon just to highlight a few. Hard to find heirloom and traditional varieties to help bring diversity to your garden and excitement to your palate.

Medicinal Herb Kit
The Indoor Medicinal Herb Kit is designed to help you start medicinal herbs in your own kitchen with a neat little 12" x 12" x 5" greenhouse. This greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast healing herb growth. Once you get your medicinal herbs started you can transfer them to a large pot for indoor growing. Twelve different types of medicinal herbs included for you to try. You will be growing your own medicinal herbs in just days.

Wet Pots
Pot imageSelf watering plant pot. Water-Filled Pots Keep Houseplants Healthy. Even with the best of intentions, it's easy to forget to water your houseplants. That's why we like these ingenious self-watering planters from Sweden. You simply fill the clear glass outer pot with water and let your plant absorb moisture as needed through the porous clay inner pot. These are also ideal plant tenders for people who travel frequently.

Branch Plant Stand
Plant stand imageGet all winter sun! Plants and cherished curios take center stage when displayed on this handsome, nature-inspired plant stand. The sturdy steel frame has a rustic bronze finish and holds three beveled glass shelves. The compact footprint fits easily into any indoor living space. Sturdy stand with a delicate appearance. Folds flat for easy storage.Weighs just 9 lbs. For indoor use Gardener's Supply Exclusive.

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