Garden Your Stress Away

Gardening photoThere are so many things that can cause stress in life that people are looking for ways to help them relax. Involving yourself in gardening is wonderful therapy to reduce your stress levels. Gardening is an enjoyable activity that can excite your senses. You're in control of designing your garden to fit your personal style. You don't need a large amount of space to create a serene haven. It's so nice to take some quiet time and think about our dreams while creating something beautiful.

Surroundings filled with sights and smells of the garden produce a calming effect. Studies show that just looking at a garden can be good for your psychological health. Bright colored flowers make people feel happy. Being outside and smelling the fragrance of the flowers and fresh-cut grass can be deeply relaxing. Your troubles seem to melt away. Scent is a potent sense. Integrate scents in your garden that appeal to you. Most plants smell stronger in the morning and evening. Daffodil, Daylilies and Gardenias are a few plants that have a pleasurable fragrance. 

The sun shining down on you can make your experience in the garden even more enjoyable. Besides the feeling of warmth, you are getting vitamin D which helps raise your mood. Dress appropriately so you don't get overheated. Listening to your favorite music can also enhance your experience while you garden. Music is another therapy that reduces stress. Combining them can give you all kinds of good emotions that benefit your health and well-being. 

Happy Gardening ImageA particular garden you may want to plant is the butterfly garden. This type of garden attracts beautiful and colorful butterflies to your yard. A few flowers that attract butterflies are Achillea, Chrysanthemum and Echinaceas. You should plant many bright specific flowers. Butterfly gardens are a source of enjoyment as you see all kinds of exquisite looking butterflies staying in your garden. 

Try to make the height of your plants consistent. Having tall plants growing next to small ones is not as peaceful when you look at them. Depending on your personality you may want to arrange your plants irregularly instead of straight or evenly spaced with mulch between them. You should do whatever feels tranquil to you. A water garden is another way to get away from a hectic lifestyle. The sound of gentle water is soothing to the ears. Waterfalls produce white noise. This blocks out unwanted sounds from outside your garden. Don't have a gushing waterfall in your garden if you want to relax. 

Exercise is known for raising endorphins and lowering stress. Gardening is a good way to get exercise. When you are raking, digging and planting you're using all the major muscles in your body. Don't forget to warm up and stretch.
You'll feel such satisfaction when you plant flowers or vegetables and see the fruits of your labor. You can use fresh-cut flowers for bouquets to put in vases all over your house. Planting vegetables will enable to make delicious healthy salads to add to your meals. Gardening is a healthy and gratifying pastime. 

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A lot of people are overwhelmed with all the stress in their lives. Gardening is wonderful therapy to reduce your stress levels. The physical effort involved in gardening is therapeutic in itself.

Michael Boyle said...

I agree with you, gardening can move you stress away and even improve entire health state.

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