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Best Gardening Sites:

This blog is dedicated to helping people with limited space to grow fantastic gardens. Whether you are an apartment dweller or have a tiny yard, the innovative ideas outlined in this blog will help you come up with solutions to your space challenges. The unique methods will have your neighbors talking and asking you how you did it. This is the perfect blog for those who like trendy fashion and want to bring their style into their gardens. We love the modern look of this blog and the many pictures that document the adventures of the writers.

How to do Container Gardening – Tips for Beginners
Mini Garden teaches us all we need to know about container gardening, like growing a salad garden on your deck. They also believe in hydroponics and attracting ladybugs to your garden. 

 A blog dedicated to helping those gardeners who face the challenge of growing with short seasons and cold weather. This is perfect for anybody who lives in mountainous areas and climates where a hot summer day hits about 80 degrees. Kathy Purdy understands the hurdles of cold climate gardening and offers lot of solutions to readers going through the same issues. A number of guest contributors appear on the site to spice things up. We love that she responds to comments made by readers and answers the questions that always seem to pop up after you have read something.
Gardening and landscaping have become very popular and inexpensive hobbies. There is a wealth of information on the Internet to help you design your dream garden or how about a butterfly garden?  Hope you like it!

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Thanks for sharing these links. These are very helpful. I hope in your next post, you'll also include garden ideas and decorations sites that gives tips on cool garden decors like wind chimes and hanging balls.


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