Treat flu & cold without drugs 

anti virus protection"Plant" grain on a thumb or make a gluhwein and flu will abate. You are an ardent opponent of all kinds of pharmacological innovations and flu drugs? But colds and flu viruses attack you from all sides? Do not despair, we will tell you how help the body to cope with the first flu symptoms without "chemistry".

Honey massage
When the first symptoms of cold or flu appear, ask someone to do the honey massage for you (if you are not allergic to honey or have bleeding disorders, and your body temperature is normal). There are no needs of great skills for this, and therapeutic effect will be very impressive.

For remedial massage use the best flower or buckwheat honey: it has the richest variety of elements and vitamins your body needs to fight the flu virus. To enhance the therapeutic effect of the honey add some pine oil (5 drops of oil in a tea spoon of honey). Oil will provide a tonic, bracing and bactericidal effect.

Before starting massage take a hot shower and get your body warm to fully open the pores. Pour honey on the palm and apply on the back with a light, pressing motion (there are many projection points, which are responsible for the normal functioning of ENT organs and the respiratory system). Then masseur takes hands off sharply from the body to pull out all the dirt. After a couple minutes of massage a gray film is formed on the skin - this is the slag. Masseur has to regularly wipe his hands and apply a fresh honey on them. Session length - from 10 to 30 minutes. Then wash off the honey with warm water and spread skin moisturizer, put on warm pajamas and run to the bed.

Repeat the massage every other day for two weeks - that is how much time you need to withdraw all the deep slag and viral toxins. Breaks are needed not to traumatize the skin, but after the first treatment you will feel the palpable relief.

remedial massageEFFECT: Remedial massage improves blood circulation in the deeper layers of skin and muscles. It increases the power of the internal organs and tissues. Honey "detaches" toxins from the skin and gives instead its biologically active substances. This allows not only get rid of colds and flu viruses, but also recover after busy working day and cure many diseases (headaches, arthritis, sciatica, low back pain, myositis).

Herbal bath
Once you feel the first signs of cold or flu symptoms (sore throat, weakness, light chill) arrange a bath day and take a healing herbsl bath (be sure you do not have a fever). To do this take Yarrow, Calamus root, Oregano, Tarragon and Pine buds. Boil 500 g of these herbs in equal proportions in 5 litters of water for 10 minutes. Then strain the broth and pour into the tub. Water temperature should be 39 degrees, and the duration of the procedure - 15 minutes. After the bath - in bed!

EFFECT: This kind of bath relieves nervous tension, provides sound sleep and fights incipient cold and flu. Pine buds have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, sudorific, anesthetic effect, and the remaining herbs have a tonic effect and stimulate the immune system.

Garlic Inhalation
If at work or at home someone is sick with cold or have a flu symptoms, protect your mucous membrane with phytoncides. To do this mince 5 cloves of garlic and quickly, to not evaporate contained in garlic "flu killers", apply gruel to a bandage. Put it on the bottom of an empty preheated teapot and close the lid. Take the spout in your mouth, hold your nose with your fingers and breathe in the healing aroma, holding breath for a few seconds. For exhales release nostrils. Repeat for 10 minutes. Remember to conduct inhalation no earlier than 30 minutes after meal to prevent a devastating effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus.

EFFECT: Five such inhalations per day (with intervals not less than 4 hours) abate not only a runny nose, cough and angina, but even bronchitis.

Magic Su Jok
Ancient South Korean medicine said that by affecting fingers and toes you can quickly say goodbye to colds, coughs and flues. In Su Jok is considered that the first phalanx of the thumb corresponds to the head, the second – to the neck, and the rise of the palm of your hand meets the chest. These are points which we need to press and warm up. Imagine that the first phalanx of the thumb is the man's face and press during the day on the desired points (nose, throat, forehead etc.). For clarity, draw an upper body on the finger.

flu cureArriving home at night, make an alcohol compress to the second phalanx, which is responsible for the neck and throat. To do this wrap the part of the finger with gauze soaked in alcohol and cover it with cellophane. Keep the compress all night. And if the cold is already actively attacking, you will need long-term stimulation with seeds of plants.

For a cold, pain in the throat or hoarse voice seeds of radish, black pepper, lentils, buckwheat, peas and lemon are recommended. Just watch for the fact that the seed was "alive". Attach a grain with a plaster to appropriate point for the day, than replace with new. Continue the procedure for a week.

EFFECT: Such stimulation affects directly sick organs of the body, forcing them to "work" at full strength and has a harmonizing effect. Vodka compress reduces pain in the throat and facilitate swallowing, and glued grains will put you on the feet within a few days.

Tasty Gluhwein
In the absence of contraindications (heart disease, diabetes) indulge yourself at night with a glass of warm medicinal drink. To do this pour into an enamel pot 100-150 g of dry red wine and sprinkle spices to taste (cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice). Heat the mixture thoroughly, without boiling. Then pour in a thermos, add a couple slices of sour apple or lemon and leave for 10 minutes. Pour directly into the glass, add honey or rosehips syrup to taste.

EFFECT: Wine is a good antiseptic, which is rich in vitamins and amino acids. Spices are warming and increase blood circulation. And there is a lot of vitamin C in the sour apple and lemon, which helps fight colds and flu viruses. But do not overdo it with alcohol - one glass at night is enough to give the body strength to fight the common cold.

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